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Feel better about your skin regardless of your age

Using good quality skincare products is like eating nutritious, healthy foods. They help revitalise and visibly improve your physical appearance. 

Good skincare products certainly help slow down the skin ageing process. Nevertheless, skincare should never be about anti-ageing. Ageing is part of life that we can't avoid.

Freshly handmade in London with 99% to 100% natural botanical ingredients, PariQu clean, vegan skincare products are formulated to be gentle yet effective and enjoyable to use. They help people feel better about their skin. Nothing looks better on us than a healthy skin.

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The story behind our Name and Logo

Following my dream to create my own skincare range has never been an easy road. However, it has brought more peace and excitement into my life. Most importantly, it allows me to be creative, keep learning and sharing what I have learned along the way with many people.

In short, PariQu means my peace.

'Pari' is the Javanese word for paddy (rice plant), a symbol of peaceful life and modesty.

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