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PariQu Skincare Philosophy


Freshly handmade in London, PariQu is a true botanical, clean skincare brand.

1. We believe in honesty

Buying skincare products can be confusing. There are so many choices and claims made about the products.

At pariQu, we don't make any miracle claim.

We believe that good skincare products help slow down the skin ageing process. Nevertheless, skincare should never be about anti-ageing. Ageing is part of life that we can't avoid. PariQu clean vegan skincare products are created to help people feel better about their skin regardless of their age. Nothing looks better on us than a healthy skin.

2. We love people, animals and our job

Love is the reason we work at pariQu. Our skincare products are formulated to be gentle on the skin yet effective and enjoyable to use.

Never tested on animals, all pariQu products are suitable for vegans and 100% cruelty-free.

Freshly produced in small batches in London, our product are carefully made by hand to preserve the goodness of our ingredients. 

3. We only use botanical ingredients

Made with 99% to 100% natural botanical ingredients, PariQu is a true botanical, clean skincare brand.

When there is a need to add a preservative (for products that contain water), we use approved preservatives for organic/natural products.

Check out What is NOT in pariQu.

    4. We care about the planet we live in

    We do what we can to help create a better world for us and future generations. In order to help reduce the global waste and pollution:

    • we use minimal packaging and no outer/retail box for our products
    • we use recyclable bottles for our products
    • we go digital as much as possible to minimise the needs to print  

    5. We are not perfect

    We are a passionate small business. We develop and make our own products. We are aware that we are not perfect and never will be. We promise to keep learning to be better in what we do.


    Love, peace and joy,
    Henry Tianus
    Founder of PariQu


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