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Made in London (UK) with 99% to 100% natural botanical ingredients, pariQu is a true botanical brand.

Following my dream to create my own skincare range has never been an easy road. However, it has brought more peace and excitement into my life. Most importantly, it allows me to be creative, keep learning and sharing what I have learned along the way with many people.

How I came up with the name and logo of pariQu?


the story behind pariQu logo


In short, pariQu means my peace.


'Pari' is the Javanese word for paddy (rice plant), a symbol of peaceful life and modesty.

Java is one of the over 17,000 islands of Indonesia where I was born. Like most people in the Far East, Indonesians tend to eat rice as part of their daily diets. Paddy fields are commonly found across the country, especially in the rural area.


'Qu' is the personalisation of 'Ku', the Indonesian word for my.

London is a home to me, the city where the history meets the latest technology. Since I moved to the United Kingdom in 1998, the Queen has been the head of the country. To thanks Her Majesty, I replaced 'K' with 'Q' (Q for the Queen).

Rose (flower) above the letter 'Q' is a symbol of the crown. Rose is chosen because it is widely regarded as the queen of all flowers. 


From London with love, peace and joy,
Henry Tianus
Founder of pariQu


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